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    Book Review: Bittersweet Farm # 1 -- Mounted

    Trainers don't last long at Bittersweet Farm, home of two very rich--and very different--teen-aged sisters. But Lockie Malone may be different. The first book in Barbara Morgenroth's series is a delig...

  • Healthy-StablesSQ

    Book Review: John Blackburn's Healthy Stables by Design

    This book is at once a coffee table book of dream barns and a primer on how to build barns that are safer, healthier and cheaper to maintain.

  • Dana_Book_2SQ

    Book Review: Timber Ridge Riders Series for Readers 9-13

    Author Maggie Dana gets everything right--characters, plots, horse training and care--and the bond between girls, their beloved horses and each other. The eight books in the series are riveting reads ...

  • Fall Girl, by Martha Crawford Cantarini

    Book Review: Fall Girl, My Life as a Western Stunt Double

    Before the advent of digital magic in film, stuntwoman Martha Crawford Cantarini was the real deal, risking life and limb in classic Western movies and popular television shows.

  • Kristie-Chevy200

    Rediscovering Horses

    Frequent contributor Kristie Allison describes how it feels to be back in the saddle on a leased horse after a 20-year hiatus.

  • Blair-Darnell

    Her Own Woman

    Blair Darnell has been horseback riding from Europe to the Rio Grande.

  • Ann and Rodger Call never let life’s challenges slow them down or keep them from doing what they loved. Journal photo.

    What a Lady!

    Horsewoman Ann Call didn’t let the challenges in her life ever slow her down.

  • FallingforEliSQ

    Book Review: Falling for Eli

    Nancy Shulins, an award-winning writer for the Associated Press, tells the story of her midlife entry into the horse world and the unconditional love that develops between her and her high-maintenance...



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