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Bathe your horse thoroughly on the day before a horse show or big event. Journal photo.

Bathing Beauty

Bath time is a great time to assess horse health and keep your horse’s coat gleaming. ... MORE
horse bathing

Hassle-Free Horse Bathing

Spiff up your horse for spring riding with these grooming tips from top trainer Lynn Palm. ... MORE

Groom Your Horse for Good Health

Follow these grooming tips to help maintain horse health. ... MORE

Head-to-Toe Grooming for Your Horse

Here’s a forelock-to-fetlock method for getting your horse in tip-top shape. ... MORE
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Summertime Hoof Changes

Peeling, flaking frogs and soles look alarming, but are a normal consequence of dry summer weather. ... MORE
Washing your horse. Photo Cappy Jackson

Wash Stall Safety While Bathing Horses

Follow these simple steps to avoid accidents and injuries in the wash stall while bathing horses. ... MORE
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How to Prevent Chipped Horse Hooves

Learn how to prevent chipped, brittle hooves in your trail horse with these expert guidelines. ... MORE
Use light clipper pressure as you trim in the direction of the hair on the legs. Photo Liv Gude

10-Minute Horse Grooming Touch Up

Got 10 minutes and a horse in need of a makeover? Here's what to do. ... MORE

Daily Grooming for Show Horses

This daily grooming routine will keep your horse looking sleek and feeling good. ... MORE
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An Ode to Horses Shedding

While there is no great use for horse hair, it is important to remove old, dead hair off your horse. ... MORE
Vigorous daily grooming is a great help. Photo EQUUS magazine

How to Speed Up Your Horse’s Shedding

With the dreaded horse shedding season upon us, use these tactics to help him lose his winter coat quicker. ... MORE

Highly Effective Horse Grooming

EQUUS surveyed several first-rate groomers, both professional and amateur, and compiled this list of their seven “habits.” Most of these are relatively simple and require little, if any, extra effort. ... MORE
Removing Mud Stains During Winter

Removing Mud Stains During Winter

When it's too cold for a bath, try these tips for removing mud and manure stains from your horse's coat. From the editors of EQUUS magazine. ... MORE
Caring for Your Horse's Hooves in Winter

Caring for Your Horse’s Hooves in Winter

For most of us, “winter care” means blanketing our horses, increasing their hay rations and adjusting their turnout schedules. What may not leap immediately to mind, however, is hoof care. ... MORE
Video: How to Plait Your Horse's Mane

Video: How to Plait Your Horse’s Mane

From HorseLand Australia comes an excellent short video on making your horse's mane look top-notch for the show ring. ... MORE
Tips for Keeping Your Horse Slick and Sleek All Winter

Tips for Keeping Your Horse Slick and Sleek All Winter

Learn how to keep your horse's coat looking good enough for the show ring all winter long. From America's Horse Daily. ... MORE
Stress-Free Horse Clipping Tips

Stress-Free Horse Clipping Tips

Follow these tips from Practical Horseman magazine and you'll be on your way to clipping your horse safely, successfully and line-free. ... MORE
Manes and Tails

Manes and Tails

Though there is no miracle cure for the problem, there are ways to prevent your horse from rubbing out his mane and tail in the future. The biggest thing in keeping a horse from rubbing out his hair is to keep it clean. From America's Horse Daily. ... MORE
Spray Shampoos: Faster, But Not Cheaper

Spray Shampoos: Faster, But Not Cheaper

Even if you’re blessed with a good wash-stall arrangement, bathing your horse is a time-consuming job. You know the routine: Hose the horse down. Mix shampoo in a bucket. Sponge and scrub down the horse. Rinse. Enter sprayer systems. For ease of giving a bath, we give this new method a huge “thumbs up. ... MORE
Seven Habits for Highly Effective Horse Grooming

Seven Habits for Highly Effective Horse Grooming

EQUUS staff surveyed several first-rate groomers, both professional and amateur, and compiled this list of their seven “habits.” Most of these are relatively simple and require little, if any, extra effort, but employed together they are sure to transform an adequate horse grooming job into an impressive one. ... MORE
Video: Grooming Your Horse

Video: Grooming Your Horse

We want our horse’s coat to be nice and shiny. AQHA Professional Horseman Al Dunning explains some of those aggravating conditions that might plague your horse’s coat and how to take care of it. Courtesy of AQHA and www.Americashorsetv. ... MORE

Good Eats Mean Glossy Sheen

What goes into your horse shows up on the outside. By Carolyn Heinze for The American Quarter Horse Journal. ... MORE
grooming shedding tools

Spring Shedding Tips

Want to help your horse shed his winter coat? Grooming expert Susan Harris offers advice about the best tools and techniques. ... MORE

Video: Horse Grooming Show Tips

In this video learn how to groom your horse before a show. ... MORE

Winter Grooming Tips

Cold temperatures and longer coats can complicate grooming at this time of year. Here’s how you can make the job easier. From EQUUS magazine. ... MORE

A Guide to Buying Horse Grooming Brushes

Buying the right grooming tools requires weighing several factors, including exactly what you need it to do, how much you want to spend and your own personal preferences. ... MORE

Video: How to Safely Groom Your Horse

Watch how horse trainer Pat Parelli uses natural horse training methods to set Savvilicious at ease to be groomed in a new location. ... MORE

How to Wash a Horse

Let's face it, horses would rather be dirty. Oils and dirt are part of the important skin surface protection they need against insects and the elements. Pat Parelli explains how to make bathing more pleasant for you and your horse. ... MORE

Handy Items for Horse Grooming and Health

Here's a handy list of items for you'll need for your grooming kit. Chances are you have many of these things in your home already, so assembling your kit will be easy on the budget. ... MORE

Looking Good: 10 Homemade Grooming Aids

From the tips of his ears to the bottoms of his toes, the horse is a moving dirt magnet. Here are 10 ingenious tips to make grooming less of a grind. ... MORE

Spring Grooming Ideas

Spring is here. The days are getting longer, and the shows are just around the corner, but your horse's coat is thick, shaggy and starting to come loose. How are you going to transform this hairy beast into a sleek and shiny animal you can be proud of? ... MORE

Assess, Help Your Horse’s Health While Grooming

Every time you groom your horse you have the perfect opportunity to assess his health, check him over for injuries and to use your grooming techniques to help ensure that he stays healthy and catch any problems while they are still minor. ... MORE

How to Groom a Horse

Here is a simple step by step guide to grooming a horse as well as useful tips to help you take care of your horse. ... MORE

How to Clean a Horse’s Hooves

This simple guide to cleaning a horse's hooves will help you monitor the health of your horse's feet, check the shoes and remove any objects that may have become lodged in there. ... MORE

Healthy Horse Grooming Tips for Winter

Maintain your horse's health and haircoat this winter with these cold-weather grooming tips. ... MORE
Standing wrap

How to Apply a Standing Wrap

There are times in your horse's life when his legs experience more than the normal amount of stress. Whatever the problem, the solution is a standing wrap. ... MORE

Grooming: Keep Your Gray Horse Gleaming

Linda Murat, who groomed former Olympic silver-medal jumper Gem Twist, shares her grooming and bathing methods for keeping gray horses show-ring spotless. ... MORE

Chat: Braiding Expert Ruthann Smith

Here's a helpful online discussion on braiding tips and techniques for horse manes and tails. ... MORE

Communication Starts With Grooming

Instructor and trainer Ron Meredith explains how to watch your horse's body language when you are grooming and handling and begin to learn to communicate with him. ... MORE

Handling Hooves Safely

No one knows better than a farrier that your horse's feet deserve good care. Farrier Dave Werkiser has helpful tips on safely picking up and cleaning hooves. ... MORE

Trimming Your Horse’s Bridlepath

Make your horse look like a million with this clipper touchup to his bridlepath and 10 safe clipping tips from the editors of Practical Horseman. ... MORE