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Book Review: John Blackburn’s Healthy Stables by Design

This book is at once a coffee table book of dream barns and a primer on how to build barns that are safer, healthier and cheaper to maintain. ... MORE

Trailer-Tuneup Checklist

A well-maintained trailer will be safer for both you and your horse than one in shoddy shape. Here’s a handy checklist. ... MORE
Photo Caroline Fyffe

Hazard-Free Barn

To prevent injuries, make sure these dangers aren't lurking in or near your barn. ... MORE
Illustration by June Brigman

Avoid Big Vet Bills

You can save $100s, even $1,000s on vet-care costs with simple changes to your everyday routine. ... MORE

The Top Five Ways to Keep Mud Under Control in Your Horse’s Pens

Eith some of the drastic temperature changes we’ve been seeing already many horse owners are already dealing with mud in their horse’s pens and pastures. ... MORE
Traveling safely with a weanling takes some preparation, but it is worth it to keep your baby safe. Journal photo.

Safe Travels with Baby

Think about horse health when you’re preparing to haul your weanling. From America's Horse Daily. ... MORE
Dutch doors provide fresh air and are easy to install on most structures.

Ventilate Your Horse Barn

Poor barn ventilation can have a devastating impact on your horse’s health. Here are six ways to keep fresh air flowing. ... MORE

My Horse University Webinar: Horse Play

Join Dr. Jenifer Nadeau on December 18, 2012, 7 p.m., for a discussion of the importance of play in horses, and whether "toys" really stimulate play. ... MORE

How to Avoid Frozen Pipes in the Barn

Don't let the cold weather leave your barn (and horse) high and dry this winter. Follow these simple tips for keeping the water on-tap. ... MORE

How to Compost Horse Manure

Composting horse manure is the easy, practical and environmentally sound solution to your growing manure-pile problem. ... MORE
horse in fall

Winter Preparation: Fall Horse Chores

This checklist of fall horse chores from The Trail Rider will help you organize your winter preparation effort. ... MORE
Courtesy American Quarter Horse Journal

The Top 5 Things To Do To Your Horse Trailer Before Winter

Doing some fall maintenance on your horse trailer can be one of the most cost-effective things a horse owner can do. ... MORE

Fireproof Your Horse Barn

Here are 12 things to do right now to cut the risk of a devastating horse barn fire. ... MORE
Photo Stacey Nedrow-Wigmore

Solve the Manure Pile Problem

Eco-friendly solutions can help manage manure on your farm through horse manure composting, spreading horse manure and more. ... MORE
Organized tack room at Great & Small Therapeutic Riding Center in Boyds, MD.

Preventing Tack Theft

Protect your saddle and bridle from thieves with these simple precautions. ... MORE

Tips for Trailering a Horse in Summer

If you will be trailering a horse in the summer, these tips will help keep your horse cool during transport. ... MORE
Even in the shade of a run-in shed, flies can be interminable. Photo EQUUS

Fly Control for Your Run-In Shed

Make your run-in shed a "no fly zone" by using these fly control tips to protect your outdoor dwelling equines from the summer's worst offenders. ... MORE
Barn disaster

Disaster Preparedness for Horses

Make equine emergencies easier to handle with the three Ps: plan, prepare and prevent. ... MORE
Photo Heidi Nyland

Tips For Horse Trailer Safety

Here's how to keep your horse and yourself safe while on the road. ... MORE
USRider Partners with AQHA

USRider Encourages Use of Pre-trip Checklist

Research shows that checklist helps improve safety. ... MORE

Check Your Tires

USRider reminds equestrians to check the tires on your tow vehicles and trailers. ... MORE

Inhibiting Mold and Mildew in Your Tack Room

Mold and mildew can have a devastating effect on your tack. Here's how to inhibit their growth in your tack room and protect your investment. ... MORE

Saying Goodbye to Your Horses’ Winter Blankets

Here are tips for packing away winter blankets for the season. From Ozark Mountain Mini Tack ... MORE

Tips for Trouble-Free Horse Trailering

Patience, preparation and a tried-and-true approach to loading can make every travel experience a safe, trouble-free one for your horse. ... MORE

Trailer Prep Tips

“A good roadside assistance program is something all horse owners should have but hope they will never have to use,” says Bill Riss, general manager for USRider. “To that end, our mission is to continually educate horse owners about trailering safety.” ... MORE

Prevent Horse Barn Fires

Read about the devastating destruction of a horse barn fire—and what you can do to prevent one. Written by Deborah Lyons for Practical Horseman magazine. ... MORE
Use a fly mask this summer to give your horse protection against pesky flies. Photo courtesy of Farnam.

Fight Flies

Fly season is fast approaching. Keep flies away all summer with these helpful tips from AQHA Corporate Partner Farnam. ... MORE
Washing your horse. Photo Cappy Jackson

Wash Stall Safety While Bathing Horses

Follow these simple steps to avoid accidents and injuries in the wash stall while bathing horses. ... MORE
A horse may be more accepting of a spray on his limbs than near his face or hindquarters. ©EQUUS Magazine

Teach Your Horse To Tolerate Fly Spray

A bit of work now will prevent the spinning, backing and overall angst that comes with fly spraying sensitive horses. ... MORE
Round-bale feeders tend to work best if you have a half-dozen or more horses that consume hay fairly rapidly. © Dan Aadland

The Good and the Bad About Round Bale Feeders

There is an upside and a downside to every story, and the same goes for round bales. Round hay bales can be work easier if you have multiple horses on the property, but can cause problems with over-eaters. ... MORE

Fresh Barns Are Healthier

If your stall deodorizer also absorbs moisture, you’re going to save money. ... MORE
Illustration by June Brigman

Avoid Big Vet Bills

You can save $100s, even $1,000s on vet-care costs with simple changes to your everyday routine. ... MORE
Courtesy EQUUS magazine

Minimize Mud in Your Horse Pasture This Spring

Escaping muddy horse pastures may be difficult for some, but here are some tips to minimize the effects of mud this spring. ... MORE
Courtesy American Quarter Horse Journal

Tips on Trailer Living on the Horse Show Road.

For those who travel frequently to horse shows, rodeos or trail rides, living-quarters trailers have certainly made traveling with your horses easier. ... MORE

USRider Offers Trailer Preparation Tips for Travel Season

Before the start of the travel season, perform basic, essential maintenance on your trailer. ... MORE
Equine medical kit. Courtesy EQUUS magazine

Storing Equine Medications Safely

As you sort through your barn's medicine chest, follow these guidelines to ensure equine medications are stored properly. ... MORE
Courtesy Practical Horseman

A Guide to Fencing for Your Horse

Fencing is one of the most important investments you will make. Learn about hiring a fence contractor and the variety of fencing available to horse owners. ... MORE
Barn disaster. Photo Lanier Cordell

Create a Horse Disaster Plan

Flood, fire, windstorm—what would happen to your horse? Take steps now to ensure his safety with a horse disaster plan. ... MORE

Quick Horse Trailer Clean Up

A few minutes spent caring for your horse trailer after a road trip can save you time and money later on. ... MORE

Preventing Barn Fires

The risk of barn fire increases significantly in winter. Here are ways to reduce that risk. From America's Horse Daily. ... MORE
Courtesy EQUUS

Minimize Mud in Your Horse Pasture

Escaping muddy horse pastures may be difficult for some, but here are some tips to minimize the effects of mud this spring. From EQUUS magazine. ... MORE
Courtesy Bailey Farm

Protect Your Horse from Thieves

Debi Metcalf shares her tips to keep your horse out of thieves’ hands. From America's Horse Daily ... MORE
Hidden Winter Threat Continues to Take Lives: Barn Fires

Hidden Winter Threat Continues to Take Lives: Barn Fires

The Equine Risk Management Group (ERMG) has created a valuable educational checklist and information resource for barn and farm managers to aid in the prevention of barn and stable fires. ... MORE
Prevent Horse Fence Failure

Prevent Horse Fence Failure

A fencing expert offers simple, effective guidelines for keeping your horses at home. From EQUUS magazine. ... MORE
How to Muck Your Horse’s Stall Like a Pro

Muck Your Stalls Like a Pro

Use this simple approach to cleaning your horse's stall quickly and thoroughly. From the editors of EQUUS magazine. ... MORE
Safeguard Your Veterinary Supplies During Cold Spells

Safeguard Your Veterinary Supplies During Cold Spells

Items in your equine first aid kit, grooming kit, and medicine chest can be adversely affected by freezing temperatures. Learn how to protect them during very cold weather. From EQUUS magazine. ... MORE
Stable Vices

Stable Vices

Stable vices are thought to be coping mechanisms used to dispel anxiety. Trying to prevent them without addressing primary stressors such as confinement, isolation or lack of exercise will not quell the horse’s angst. Dr. Judy Reynolds describes vices, causes and solutions. ... MORE
Disaster Planning for Horse Farms

Disaster Planning for Horse Farms

Every farm should have a written disaster plan to optimize safety and survival of all animals. From America's Horse Daily. ... MORE
Are Your Horse Blankets Ready for Winter?

Are Your Horse Blankets Ready for Winter?

With a thorough inspection in early fall, you can make sure your horse blankets are ready for the cold weather to come. From EQUUS magazine. ... MORE
Stall Space

Stall Space

Here are five tips to help make sharing life in a small space easier – for weekend or a week. From America's Horse Daily. ... MORE
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