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Heather Sansom

Rider Fitness Tip for Mature Riders

Here are rider fitness tips to improve flexibility, mobility and strength for the over-40 rider. ... MORE
From Practical Horseman magazine

Physical Fitness to Balance the Rider’s Body

Maintaining a physical fitness program will help busy riders make the most out of their time in the saddle by increasing balance, coordination and core strength. ... MORE

Three Stretches to Prevent Horseback Riding Injuries

Long, limber muscles help prevent horseback riding injuries. Here are three pre-ride stretches from certified personal trainer Katie Mital. ... MORE
Photo from Practical Horseman magazine

Fitness Secrets of the Stars

Here's what some top equestrians say about why they work out--and why they think you should, as well. From Horse&Rider magazine. ... MORE
Illustration by Bonnie Timmons

Thanksgiving Weight Loss

In the November issue, we asked our readers what horse-ercises they'll use after Thanksgiving. From Horse&Rider magazine ... MORE
Mounted exercises and stretches on the longe line can improve your riding. (Journal photo)

Exercise in the Saddle

If you’re short on time or have no instructor, why not stretch while mounted? AQHA Instructor Suzanne Sheppard tells you how ... MORE
Loosening Up Before Riding

Loosening Up Before Riding

Before you saddle up, use these stretching tips to increase your seat and balance. From America's Horse Daily. ... MORE
Exercises to Teach Your Body New Patterns to Improve Your Riding.

Exercises to Teach Your Body New Patterns to Improve Your Riding.

Heather Sansom explains how to adopt some new body patterns to improve your riding. ... MORE

Rider Fitness Tip: Breast Cancer Challenge

Here is an interview with an equestrian breast cancer survivor and exercises to build shoulder strength and improve range of motion. ... MORE

Counting Calories at the Barn

Use this chart from Practical Horseman to calculate how many calories you're burning while working at the barn. ... MORE

Are You in Shape to Show?

Sometimes horse owners become so wrapped up in the care, comfort and performance of their horses they forget they're half of the competitive team. Here are ways competitors can consider their own personal care during competitions. From the AQHA's America's Horse Journal. ... MORE

Horses Help Reader Lose Weight

A passion to ride helped an overweight Horse & Rider reader get fit and transform her life. Learn how you can do it, too. ... MORE

Tips to Keep Riding Midlife and Beyond

Getting older doesn't have to mean getting off your horse, if you follow our age-defying strategies. Check out these great tips and information to keep you riding through middle age and beyond. ... MORE

Staying Fit as Your Body Changes

Sometimes as riders, it seems that we find ourselves reaching the understanding we've been seeking for years, only to find our body isn't keeping up. The rules have changed. You may have prepared to ride using your body a certain way, but an injury, aging or other circumstance change the rules on you. ... MORE

Fast Track to Fitness

There's a wealth of information and assistance available to jump-start your fitness program: Here's a good way to start. ... MORE

Rider Fitness Tip: Fixing Back Pain

Find out what factors may be causing you back pain when you ride and learn some exercises to help strengthen your back and relieve the pain. ... MORE

Rider Exercises for Fitness

Participants at the Tool Box Symposium were shown these Balimo™ exercises on the ground to stretch their bodies, allowing more freedom of movement and balance once they got back on their horse. ... MORE

Exercises for a Rider’s Tight Muscles

Dressage rider and physical therapist Anne Howard suggests ways for a Dressage Today reader to stretch her tight hip muscles. ... MORE

The Fast Track to Fitness

Horse & Rider's Jennifer Forsberg Meyer offers a wealth of information and resources to jump-start your fitness regimen and improve your strength and endurance for better riding. ... MORE
Courtesy Horse & Rider

Get Fit, Ride Better

Getting into better shape can make you a better rider. Our weight-training exercises are guaranteed to work--and they take just minutes a week. ... MORE
Courtesy Horse & Rider

Riders Offer Keep-Riding Tips

Here's a sampling of advice and encouragement from Horse & Rider readers of a certain age who are still riding-and loving it. ... MORE

Drop a Jeans Size

Is your horsey lifestyle sabotaging your waistline? Let us help you build strategies to lose that extra size with simple swap-out strategies from Horse & Rider magazine. ... MORE
Getting fit to ride

Fit to Ride

Being fit to ride will help prevent fatigue and injury. It's true that riding is just more than sitting on a horse. Riders are athletes in every sense of the word and riders must be fit to ride, which means having the suppleness and strength to maintain their position and posture no matter what the horse is doing underneath them without straining muscles ... MORE

Building Strength and Suppleness

There are a wide variety of exercises you can do to help tone and strengthen your back, legs and stomach in preparation for riding. When beginning these exercises, it's important to learn how to do them correctly to avoid injury. ... MORE