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You can have a great halter showing experience with these tips from AQHA Professional Horseman Jack Brizendine. Journal photo.

Show with Halter

Here is the basic set-up that every horse showing pro uses. From American Quarter Horse Journal ... MORE
A relaxed family atmosphere is the key to the NRHA's new entry-level reining classes. Riders compete only against others of their own experience level, and everyone has fun. Photo courtesy of NRHA

Have You Tried Entry Level Reining?

NRHA’s program for beginning reiners provides a fun, educational, and family-oriented ladder of competition. ... MORE

AQHA Beginners Guide to Showing

Ready to get started in the Western show ring? The American Quarter Horse Journal has the information you need. ... MORE

Show Skills for Every Horse

Whether he competes or not, here are five skills every horse needs to have. ... MORE

Are You Competing Against Yourself or the Competition?

Whichever way you look at it, you have to find whatever works for you to bring success. From Rodeo Magazine. ... MORE
Gay Talmey

A Primer for Enjoying Rated Horse Shows

Make the step up from local schooling shows to USEF-recognized competition with confidence, using these tips a licensed steward, judge, and course designer. ... MORE
Courtney King plans her show strategy at the 2006 Dressage at Devon. Photo by Patricia Lasko

Six Tips for a Successful Show

Ensure that your next show outing is a positive one with these pointers from U.S. Dressage Federation gold medalist Courtney King. ... MORE

Be Prepared: Countdown to Competition

Whether you and your horse are show ring rookies or seasoned pros, show time jitters can send you both on an emotional roller coaster. Here's a timeline to help make your show day a success. ... MORE
Attend several local and at least one of the larger shows to get a feel for what the show environment is really like; and especially make sure to watch the classes in which you

How to Beat Horse Show Nerves

Nervousness hindering your performance? World-champion pro and coach Carol Metcalf helps you kick those horse show jitters and nerves to the curb. ... MORE

How to Qualify for Novice Championships

The AQHA tells you three ways to qualify for the inaugural AQHA Novice Championship Shows. ... MORE

Play It Safe At Horse Shows

Writing for America's Horse Daily, equine events coordinator Nancy Easton tells how to prevent accidents at shows. ... MORE
Get Started in Dressage

Get Started in Dressage

Interested in learning dressage? For more information, “The USDF Guide to Dressage” is a wonderful resource, explaining the sport and competition from the ground up. It’s available at and other online booksellers. This is an excerpt from the book, written by Jennifer O. Bryant: ... MORE
Balanced Jumping

Balanced Jumping

These exercises from Lainie DeBoer will perfect your flat work before taking your horse. From America's Horse Daily. ... MORE
The Psychology Behind Showmanship Classes

The Psychology Behind Showmanship Classes

AQHA judge Holly Hover has helped transform many exhibitors into showmanship champions with her collection of showmanship psychology tricks. Her tricks include handwriting analysis, dressing for success, body language and positive thinking. ... MORE
How To Look Good in the Show Ring

How To Look Good in the Show Ring

Judges are looking for young riders who exude confidence and show a keen partnership with their mounts, whether it's in Western or hunt seat equitation classes. America's Horse Daily has tips to help you look your best. ... MORE
The Mental Challenge of Horse Shows.

The Mental Challenge of Horse Shows.

When showing learn to pinpoint when, where and under what circumstances your nerves are an obstacle. From America's Horse Daily ... MORE
Showing in College

Showing in College

Just because you moved away to college doesn’t mean you have to quit showing. From America's Horse Daily. ... MORE
What Potential Pleasure Drivers Need to Know Before They Show.

What Potential Pleasure Drivers Need to Know Before They Show.

When looking for a horse to use in pleasure driving there are several things to consider first. From America's Quarter Horse Journal. ... MORE
New Horse Sports for the 21st Century

New Horse Sports for the 21st Century

Six growing sports offer hot new opportunities for Western riders. By Gavin Ehringer for Horse&Rider magazine. ... MORE
The Youth Look

The Youth Look

Learn how to put the right outfit together for the youth arena. From America's Horse ... MORE
Calm Your Dressage Show Anxiety

Calm Your Dressage Show Anxiety

Try these proven methods for overcoming dressage show anxiety to help you perform at your best. From Dressage Today. ... MORE
Keep Your Focus

Keep Your Focus

Everyone makes mistakes in the show ring. Many times, people let those mistakes affect the rest of their show experience. But there are ways to overcome adversity and stay mentally tough in the show ring.Michigan State University Equine Extension Specialist Karen Waite of East Lansing, Michigan, and trainer Brynne Bassler of Tomball, Texas, offer these tips for exhibitors: ... MORE

English Riding is Good Training for Western

Christine Hamilton, writing for the American Quarter Horse Journal, explains how basic training in English riding can enhance your Western performance. ... MORE
Game Day Strategy for Showing

Game Day Strategy for Showing

Christine Hamilton discusses how competitors prepare for a finals appearance at the Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show. From The American Quarter Horse Journal. ... MORE

A Star in Any Arena

May 4, 2011--Out of the many stars at the 2008 Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show, one exhibitor shone in a special way. Like many young people, Cassidy Miller of Carlsbad, California, began riding at age 7. But her start was with a therapeutic riding instructor. ... MORE
Al Dunning-cappyjackson

Getting Started in Cutting

Al Dunning gives a Horse & Rider reader the ins and outs on what it takes to get into the sport of cutting--and how to do it without breaking the bank. ... MORE

Preparing for Your First Reining Competition

First-time reining event contestants are eager to compete and eager to learn how to perform better. Reining competitions can be stressful, however, for even the seasoned competitor. Here are tips to better prepare newcomers as they get ready for their first reining competitions. ... MORE

Are You in Shape to Show?

Sometimes horse owners become so wrapped up in the care, comfort and performance of their horses they forget they're half of the competitive team. Here are ways competitors can consider their own personal care during competitions. From the AQHA's America's Horse Journal. ... MORE

Video: Getting Started in Reining with Al Dunning

Al Dunning names a critical quality for anyone who wishes to succeed at the sport of reining. In the clip, featured on, he also stresses the need for a secure, well-balanced seat. ... MORE
Lynn Palm’s “40 Tips for the Competitor”

Lynn Palm’s “40 Tips for the Competitor”

July 20, 2010--Remarkably, 2010 marks Lynn Palm's 40th year as a horse trainer, competitor and clinician. As a thank you to her loyal supporters and fans, the world champion has created a list, “40 Tips for the Competitor” to share some of her vast knowledge from her perspective as a judge and as a competitor. ... MORE

Competitive Western Horse Events

Learn about Western activities such as horsemanship, Western pleasure, reining, cutting, roping, working cow horse, rodeo, Western riding, trail riding, gymkhana and team penning. ... MORE

Team Spirit

Riders of all ages and skill levels can enjoy the camaraderie, excitement and improved horsemanship that comes from participating in an equestrian drill team. Story from Horse & Rider magazine. ... MORE

Showmanship and Grooming

Being able to handle your horse safely on the ground is an integral part of owning a horse. Showmanship takes this skill to the next level. Showmanship requires the horse and rider to be skilled in condition. The following article discusses how to prepare for a showmanship class and bring home a blue ribbon. ... MORE

Webinar: Parenting Tips at the Horse Show

Being a horse show parent is challenging, but rewarding. Learn how to handle competition, be a positive influence and support a child’s learning in the free My Horse University webinar recorded May 18, 2010. ... MORE

Webinar: Conditioning Your Horse for the Show Season

In this My Horse University webinar, Dr. Brian Nielsen of Michigan State University discusses many factors to best condition your horse to meet your goals for the upcoming show season. Physical conditioning, how to avoid injuries and how to have your horse mentally prepared must be considered. ... MORE

Proper Fit and Styles for English Apparel

English apparel is not as flashy as the rhinestones you might see in western pleasure or showmanship classes. The look is elegant and refined, but it doesn’t have to be boring. ... MORE

Cut Out for Cutting

"Holy cow!" That’s how Holly Clanahan of the American Quarter Horse Journal starts the description of her first cutting lesson with Teddy Johnson of Gainesville, Texas, as part of a shoot for “AQHA Presents,” the AQHA’s TV show, which airs on America’s Horse TV. ... MORE

Show Tips from Blue-Ribbon Riders

Three veteran exhibitors share the strategies that help them excel in the show ring. From the editors of Horse & Rider. ... MORE

Breed Show Class and Division Primer

Thinking of venturing into hunter or dressage classes at breed-specific shows? Check out the classes and divisions offered at Arabian, Paint and American Quarter Horse competitions, from Practical Horseman magazine. ... MORE

Realizing Dreams

With the support of the Youth World Show Assistance Fund, AQHYA members are able to see their dreams become a reality.In the past four years, With the assistance of this program, 240 have received financial support enabling them to travel, attend and compete in the Built Ford Tough Youth World Championship Show. ... MORE

Nancy Swarm — My Life as a Judge

Nancy Swarm says, "I became a judge because I think I have a vast store of knowledge, and I wanted to give back and share with the industry. Becoming a judge also gave me a different perspective, which has been very helpful to my showing strategy and successes." ... MORE

On Your Way Up The Ladder

The National Reining Horse Association recently approved revolutionary show and class formats to welcome riders of all levels to the reining arena. ... MORE

McLain Ward on Creating a Winning System (Video)

Watch a video of Olympian McLain Ward teaching his winning system, which balances classical training with a horse’s individual needs. ... MORE

Get Going Showing

now’s a great time to Now’s a great time to get into that show pen. Opportunities for newbies and returnees abound, and the Internet is making it easier than ever for like-minded folks to compare notes and help one another take that first big step. From Horse & Rider magazine. ... MORE

Pattern Pointers

There are 10 approved reining patterns in the NRHA handbook. We’ve selected one as an example to help you visualize the pattern from a judge’s perspective. ... MORE

How to Watch Reining

Reining events are designed to show the athletic ability of a ranch-type horse within the confines of a show arena. In National Reining Horse Association competitions contestants run one of 10 approved patterns. Read on to learn how to become a savvy reining spectator. ... MORE

Getting Started in Reining

Here are all the steps you should consider when taking up the sport of reining. ... MORE

Holding Western Romal Reins Correctly

If you ride with Western (romal) reins in Quarter Horse shows, you'll need to hold them "by the book." An incorrect hand position can result in points off your score, or even disqualification. Polish your presentation with these tips. ... MORE

Learn How to Build a Good Connection

Whereas contact is simply the feeling of the horse's mouth at the end of the reins, a good connection is a much more sophisticated feel and a subtle yet highly effective way for horse and rider to get and receive information from one another. ... MORE

Advice for Dressage Riders New to Showing

Every year, new riders begin an exciting adventure by entering their first dressage show. Feeling comfortable riding the test on your horse at home is only the first step in preparing yourself for the big event. ... MORE
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