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All-Terrain Riding Boot Review

As a trail rider, you need boots made for hours in the saddle that are also comfortable when doing barn and camp chores. Here, Colorado horsewoman and equestrian-journalist Sushil Dulai Wenholz reviews three rugged riding boots. ... MORE
Winter Breeches

Warm Gear for Trail Riders

Here is a roundup of products designed to keep you and your horse warm and comfortable this winter. ... MORE
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Buyer’s Guide to Lightweight Trail Saddles

Check out these lightweight, comfortable saddles specifically designed for trail and endurance riding. ... MORE
A beautiful leather halter is a considerable investment but a good value—both in terms of its longevity and the great feeling you get when your horse looks like a winner. Photo by Maureen Gallatin

Choose the Right Halter for Your Horse

It is important to choose the best horse halter to fit your horse, but proper halter training is the best way to ensure that you can control your horse no matter the situation. ... MORE

Video: How to Properly Fit a Breast Collar and Back Cinch

How do you know when the horse’s breast collar fits well? What does the back cinch do? This video from the Certified Horsemanship Association explains all. ... MORE

Quick Fixes for Broken Tack on the Trail

Here is advice from the experts on the items to carry and how to use them to keep broken tack from ruining your trail rides. ... MORE

Inhibiting Mold and Mildew in Your Tack Room

Mold and mildew can have a devastating effect on your tack. Here's how to inhibit their growth in your tack room and protect your investment. ... MORE
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Rescue and Restore Rain-Damaged Tack

Water, particularly rain water and its pollutants, is no friend to leather. Here's how to take care of your tack after you've been caught out in the storm. ... MORE
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How To Care For Tall Riding Boots

Prolong the life of your tall English riding boots with tips from an expert saddler. From Practical Horseman magazine. ... MORE
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A Question of Bit Fit

Use these tips to make sure your horse's bit is the perfect fit. ... MORE
The halter is probably the most frequently used piece of equipment in your barn. Photo by Hunter Messineo

Heads Up on Horse Halters

Time for a little consumer consciousness about halters, the most commonplace piece of horse-control equipment. From EQUUS magazine ... MORE
Zippers on tall boots now extend all the way to the sole.

The Ups and Downs of Tall Zippered Boots

Shopping for stock tall boots shouldn't be a pain. From Horse Journal. ... MORE

Talking Tack

A few minutes checking your equipment before you ride is an investment in safety. ... MORE

Bridling Basics with Julie Goodnight

Learn the right way to bridle your horse with these tips from the Certified Horsemanship Association; Julie Goodnight demonstrates. ... MORE
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Soap Your Saddle

Use these tips to get your tack in tip-top shape. From America's Horse Daily. ... MORE

Freshen a Stinky Safety Helmet

Does your riding helmet smell like sweat socks? Here are several anti-stink remedies. ... MORE
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A Two-Step System for Everyday Tack Care

Protect your investment—and your and your horse’s safety—with this award-winning saddler’s no-nonsense system for cleaning your tack. ... MORE
Horse Tack Check with Lynn Palm

Horse Tack Check with Lynn Palm

Learn how to prevent common horse problems by performing a point-by-point tack check including evaluating saddle fit with world champion trainer Lynn Palm. From The Trail Rider magazine. ... MORE
Buying Your First Saddle

Buying Your First Saddle

Juli Thorson tells us that in the unforgettable department, a first saddle, whether new or used, is right up there with a first kiss. The wonderment of it stays with you. ... MORE
Find a Safety Helmet That Fits

Find a Safety Helmet That Fits

There are dozens of safety helmets on the market to choose from. The authors help you wade through the different shapes, sizes and special features to find the best one for you. ... MORE
Video: How to Get a Proper Fit in Western Boots

Video: How to Get a Proper Fit in Western Boots

Ready to cowboy up? The AQHA and Justin Boots show you how to buy a comfortable pair of boots. Courtesy of AQHA and Americashorse TV. ... MORE

Webinar: Bits and How They Function

Selecting the correct bit for a horse is dependent on a number of factors, as explained in this webinar from My Horse University. ... MORE

Western Saddle Buyer’s Primer

Ready to shop for a Western saddle? Here’s a primer on how to choose the right saddle for your discipline, plus a list of shopper resources and a handy seat-sizing chart. ... MORE

Top Ten Tack Tips

Accidents can happen around horses no matter how careful you are, but being careful is the first step toward preventing disaster, and that includes making sure your tack is in good repair. A few minutes checking your equipment before you ride is an investment in safety. ... MORE
What You Need to Know About Tack Safety

What You Need to Know About Tack Safety

Accidents can happen around horses no matter how careful you are, but making sure your tack is in good repair is a critical safety measure. ... MORE

Video: What to Wear When Working With Horses

This video produced by eXtension HorseQuest shows the proper attire for safety and comfort when doing ground work with horses. ... MORE

How to Choose the Right Western Hat and Maintain It

Lyle Lovett says “You can have my girl, but don’t touch my hat,” and many cowboys feel the same. This article from the AQHA tells you how to choose a hat that is your crowning glory. ... MORE

Test Ride That Westen Saddle

When you and your horse move together in comfort and support with a well-fit saddle, you've got harmony in motion. But if your saddle doesn't fit, it's like an uncomfortable shoe, leading to pain, imbalance and, in some cases, bad habits. Read this excerpt from The Western Horse's Pain-Free Back and Saddle Fit Book by Dr. Joyce Harman. ... MORE

Western Saddle Art

Enjoy a celebration of the design, style and grace of the western saddle at the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum.See this saddle and many more on display at the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum. ... MORE

Reins Are Your Connection To Your Horse, So Choose Them Wisely

When you’re riding, many of your signals to your horse go through the bridle reins.You want that to be a clear channel of communication. Denis Moreland tells us how for America's Horse Daily and the AQHA. ... MORE
Fitting Boots

How to Fit Horse Boots (Video)

This safety tip brought to you by the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) deals with correctly and safely fitting sports medicine boots, bell boots and split boots on your horse. ... MORE

How to Bridle a Horse (Video)

Produced by Certified Horsemanship Association, this short video features nationally known natural horsemanship trainer Julie Goodnight demonstrating how to safely bridle a horse. ... MORE

Fit Your Riding Helmet Correctly

These four tips will insure that your riding helmet protects your head. ... MORE

Saddle Facts

Whether you ride English or Western, the saddle is designed for comfort and security. However, Western and English saddles, while both offering these same functions, look very different from one another. ... MORE

Smart Headgear–Riding Helmets

Every rider, at every level, falls off at some time, so look for a helmet that's ASTM/SEI certified. Here are four tips to help you ensure that your riding helmet fits correctly. ... MORE

How to Measure Cinch Size

Appaloosa trainer and breeder Jackie Lee Jackson shows you how to measure to ensure a proper saddle cinch fit. ... MORE

English Versus Western Riding – What’s the Difference?

Many people thinking about learning to ride ask about the differences between English and Western riding. ... MORE

Safety Equipment for Riders

Accidents will happen but today's riders can protect themselves against injury as never before with new safety equipment. ... MORE

Saddle Flaps: Padded vs. Plain

Top equitation trainer Missy Clark explains the difference between padded and plain saddle flaps, and their uses. ... MORE

Warm Up to Winter Riding

It's not always the easiest time to ride, but you can beat the cold-weather blahs with some of these tips and strategies for winter riding. ... MORE
Organized tack room at Great & Small Therapeutic Riding Center in Boyds, MD.

Rescue and Restore Rain-Damaged Tack

Water, particularly rain water and its pollutants, is no friend to leather. Here's how to take care of your tack after you've been caught out in the storm. ... MORE