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Dennis maneuvers his horse carefully through a gate. Note the gate’s latch, which could catch on the breast collar, stirrup or flank cinch if the horse is allowed to brush too close to it. Journal photo.

Horseback Riding Safety Tips

Whether you’re horseback riding or working from the ground, heed these safety tips to keep you and your horse out of trouble. ... MORE
Winter riding

Ride Through Winter

Dan Aadland writing for The Trail Rider discusses how to ride safely during the winter. ... MORE
America's Horse Journal

Beating the Weather

USRider offers bad-weather tips for traveling with your horses. ... MORE
Courtesy Horse&Rider magazine

Fall Trail Riding Tips

From clearing brush to trail footwear selection, we offer tips from two experts who'll keep you on track. ... MORE
Practicing picking up your horse's hoof is important to a well-trained horse. Photo from AQHA's "Fundamentals of Horsemanship."

Hoof Please!

Horse training from the ground up: Asking politely for your horse’s feet. From America's Horse Daily ... MORE

Riding Horses Safely in Traffic

Do your trail rides have to end where the public road begins? Not after our endurance rider expert shares her tips for safely riding your horse across roads and in traffic. ... MORE

Video: How To Tie Your Horse Properly

AQHA Professional Horsewoman Nancy Cahill explains the basics of tying your horse--from the safest places to the best kinds of knots. ... MORE
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Handling Hills with Julie Goodnight

Top clinician/trainer Julie Goodnight teaches you how to sit securely as you ride up and down hills. She’ll also help you gain control of your horse’s speed, no matter what the terrain. ... MORE
Vegetation along trails is more than scenery to your horse—it's a potential snack. ©EQUUS Magazine

Break Your Horse’s Trail-Snacking Habits

A horse who eats on the trail isn't paying attention to his rider. Here's how to redirect his focus. ... MORE

Video: How To Lead Your Horse From a Herd

Wading into a bunch of loose horses to collect yours can be daunting. This video from the Bay Area Equestrian Network shows how to do it safely. ... MORE

Video: How to Fit a Western Bit

Justine Gandolfo of California shows how to achieve a comfortable fit of the bit for your horse and best control for you. Courtesy Bay Area Equestrian Network. ... MORE
USRider Partners with AQHA

USRider Encourages Use of Pre-trip Checklist

Research shows that checklist helps improve safety. ... MORE
Courtesy Trail Rider Magazine

Handle On-Trail Encounters

Keep your horse under control when encountering scary trail gremlins. By California trainer Robyn Spector. ... MORE
Photo Linda Tellington-Jones

Build Trust With Your Horse

Improve the bond of trust between you and your horse for enhanced trail riding performance using TTouch with Linda Tellington-Jones. ... MORE

When Safety Really Matters: Turning Horses Out

John Strassburger offers three safety tips for any time you’re turning horses out into, or bringing horses in from, a paddock or pasture. ... MORE
Check shoreline for bogginess before crossing. Photo EQUUS magazine

Safely Crossing Water on the Trail

Use these tips to help you decide if an unfamiliar body of water is safe to cross on horseback. ... MORE
If you want your horse to have good habits, such as facing you when you enter his pen, you must build those habits from the start.

Clinton Anderson: Build Good Habits

Don't let minor faults become ingrained in your horse's mind--correct them from the get-go. ... MORE

Play It Safe At Horse Shows

Writing for America's Horse Daily, equine events coordinator Nancy Easton tells how to prevent accidents at shows. ... MORE
Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road

Follow these safety measures to avoid tragedies while riding your horse by roads. From American Quarter Horse Journal. ... MORE
Spook Proof Your Horse

Spook Proof Your Horse

You and your horse may have some obstacles to overcome before you hit the trail this year. From the AQHA America's Horse Daily. ... MORE
Safe Winter Riding on Snow and Ice

Safe Winter Riding on Snow and Ice

Performance-horse farrier Dave Werkiser summarizes strategies to protect your horse in the snow and ice of winter. From Practical Horseman magazine. ... MORE
Video: Working Around a Horse's Hindquarters

Video: Working Around a Horse’s Hindquarters

Paula Hitzler tells you how to safely work around a horse's hindquarters. From My Horse University ... MORE
Trail Riding Safety

Trail Riding Safety

Learn how to avoid seven sketchy situations on the trail--and how to get out of them as safely as possibly if they do catch you by surprise. From Horse&Rider magazine. ... MORE
Safe Habits and Protective Gear for Horseback Riding

Safe Habits and Protective Gear for Horseback Riding

Boost your confidence and safety while horseback riding with these protective gear tips and good habits from "The Smart Woman’s Guide to Midlife Horses." ... MORE
Typical cougar country. From the Journal

Stay Safe in Big Cat Country

Mountain lion, cougar, puma or panther – these are names used for one of North America’s largest cats (only a jaguar is larger.) If you and your American Quarter Horse are out riding trails in mountain lion territory, you might encounter one of these big cats. From America's Quarter Horse Journal. ... MORE
Break Bad Riding Habits Today

Break Bad Riding Habits Today

Writing for Horse&Rider, Sue M. Copeland shares 17 tips to make common riding problems a thing of the past. ... MORE
Three Horse Travel Tips

Three Horse Travel Tips

Kent and Charlene Krone writing for The Trail Rider magazine tell us it takes planning and forethought to travel with horses for a long period of time. Here, they share with us three valuable lessons they have learned through trial and error. ... MORE
Safety Know-How Test

Safety Know-How Test

Test your safety know-how with this true/false quiz from clinician and educator Clinton Anderson. From Horse & Rider magazine. ... MORE
USRider Offers Bad Weather Travel Tips

USRider Offers Bad Weather Travel Tips

The severe weather season is upon us, and when things get rough, we’re reminded to DUCK. Read more on how to be safe when riding in bad weather. ... MORE
Riding on the Beach

Riding on the Beach

Riding on the beach is a “bucket-list” item of many riders, and with good reason. A gallop along the surf can be exhilarating for both horse and rider. But if you decide to try riding on the beach this summer, keep a few things in mind. By Christine Barakat for EQUUS magazine. ... MORE
Trailer Rental Tips

Trailer Rental Tips

Renting a trailer may be a viable option to owning a horse trailer. Add up the costs of owning a trailer versus the cost of renting. ... MORE
Find a Safety Helmet That Fits

Find a Safety Helmet That Fits

There are dozens of safety helmets on the market to choose from. The authors help you wade through the different shapes, sizes and special features to find the best one for you. ... MORE
Video: Therapeutic Riding

Video: Therapeutic Riding

Dr. Anna Marie takes a look at how kids with physical, mental and emotional challenges find strength and independence through the power of the horse. Courtesy of the AQHA and Americas Horse TV. ... MORE
Eliminate Farm Risks

Eliminate Farm Risks

Eliminate risks on the farm and educate your children about farm hazards to prevent injuries and heartache. ... MORE

The Real Cost of Towing

Spoiler Alert: You may not want to know how much you're paying to tow a trailer. ... MORE

Trailer Load the Right Way

Before your next trailering excursion, learn the safety steps that will keep you and your horse safe as you load and unload. Trainer Julie Goodnight with Heidi Nyland for The Trail Rider magazine. ... MORE

Why Riding Helmets Work

Your head is vulnerable if you tumble from the height of a horse, but today's helmets can do a lot to cushion the fall. From ... MORE
winter trail riding

Seven Winter Trail Riding Hazards

Here, are tips on how to negotiate seven winter riding hazards: (1) deep snow; (2) snowdrifts; (3) frozen ground; (4) ice; (5) packed snow; (6) freezing rain/ice storm; and (7) slippery mud/deep mud. We also give you tips on how to stay warm in the saddle, for comfort and safety. ... MORE

Video: Dressing Safely for Riding

Pat Parelli shares with us about being safety conscious in the way that you dress for horse training and horse riding. This clip features a couple of students of the Parelli Natural Horse Training method, all of whom are aiming to become great horse trainers. ... MORE

Video: How to Approach a Horse in a Corral

Horse trainer Pat Parelli explains why respecting your horse's personal space is important when approaching him in his corral. ... MORE

Video: How to Climb Hills with Your Horse

Horse trainers Linda and Pat Parelli demonstrate how to ride your horse up and down hills, using natural horse training methods. ... MORE

Turn Your Horse Trailer into an All-Purpose Base of Operations

Here's how to turn your parked horse trailer into an all-purpose base of operations when you haul in to a show or other horse event. From Horse & Rider magazine. ... MORE

Video: Handling Your Horses Feet

In this video Pat Parelli shows us a couple of horse training tips on working with your horse's feet. ... MORE
how to halter

Video: How to Halter Your Horse

In this video Linda Parelli show us how to wisely catch and halter horses and also talks about horse training methods. ... MORE

Video: How to Lead a Horse

In this video Pat Parelli shares a couple of horse training tips and methods for successfully leading your horse. ... MORE

Video: How to Approach a Horse Safely

This video by eXtension HorseQuest tells the new rider how to safely approach a horse as well as gives other helpful tips. ... MORE

Video: Basic Horse Handling and Horse Senses

This video, from eXtension HorseQuest, discusses the basics of handling as well as the different senses of the horse. ... MORE

Video: Handling Your Horse Safely

This video, produced by eXtension HorseQuest, discusses the basics of handling horses on the ground safely, the flight or flight tendency, and the different senses of the horse. ... MORE

Video: Leading and Tying Your Horse

This video, produced by eXtension HorseQuest, discusses the basics of handling horses on the ground safely as well as the proper way to lead and tie a horse. ... MORE

Get Control Over a Barn-Avoiding Horse

John Lyons tells you why your horse is so reluctant to leave home, what equine body-language cues indicate that a battle at the barn is brewing, and how you can overcome his barn-bound problem. ... MORE
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