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Side Effects Webinar (9-27-2012)

When the Equine Network asked me if I’d like to do a webinar on Thursday, September 27  around the topics covered in The Smart Woman’s Guide to Midlife Horses, I remembered the timeless advice of Suzie Humphreys in a talk I once heard her give about meeting new challenges head-on: “Sure!” (and then thinking to myself) “How hard can it be?”  After working on this presentation this past week, I have an answer. It’s hard. Not to come up with content, mind you. I wrote a whole book about this stuff! But what exactly will people want me to talk about  in this 20-minute presentation? In talks I’ve given to various groups, it seems this book hits a lot of different chords with all kinds of people. So what will this audience be most interested in exploring? Which topics will spark the best questions?

So I officially invite you, dear Discover Horses friends, to join us on Thursday September 27 at 8:00 pm Central — and in the meantime, if there’s something in the book that you’d like to hear more about, by all means, let me know!  Also, please note: I titled this presentation “Common Side Effects of Midlife Horses” to play off the book title and the whole midlife crisis allusion, but the truth is — and as anyone who has ever had a serious attachment to horses will attest — these side effects are present at all ages and stages of life. So even if you’re not a midlifer (and I’m still refusing to put specific numbers to this zone), but you do love your horse, please don’t let the title keep you away!

Here’s the list of side effects I’ve come up with  so far:

  • Increased Clarity
  • Enhanced Confidence
  • Greater Overall Fitness
  • Mad Core Strength
  • Heightened Sense of Your Own Power/Authority
  • Improved Life and Time Management Skills
  • Continuously Refreshed Humility
  • Amplified Gratitude
  • Stronger and Clearer Relationships/Connections with others
  • Nurtured Spirit
Weigh in, everyone! Which of these side effects have you  experienced just because there’s a horse in your life? I’d love to have a few stories from  you guys to tell around these side effects, so don’t be shy! I’d also love to  hear from you if there are specific things you’d like for me to address within these areas — or others!
Hope you’ll be in the audience for webinar night ( Click here to register!”) — and please be sure to let the moderator know you’re a Life With Horses reader!

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  1. I never had problems with my back or weight when I had horses at home to take care of! So, “overall fitness” resounded with me, along with many of your other topics. I’m looking forward to Thursday’s webinar.

  2. I have put on weight, so I think I’ll do the warm-ups.
    Thank you Melinda for the exercises. I’ve always been slim, so I will get right to it with the exercises.

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