Life With Horses

Being a "horse person" has different meanings for each of us, but we all share a desire to stay attuned to the world of horses.


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    Equitrekking Q&A: Luxury Dude Ranches

    So you're ready to spring for a great equestrian vacation. Darley Newman tells you what you can expect from a luxury dude ranch.

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    Equitrekking Q & A: Traveling Solo?

    If you're traveling alone, don't worry. You’ll encounter other solo travelers and will definitely be traveling with people with the same interest ... in horses!

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    Cowboy Bucket List

    Every cowboy has dreams that he’d like to live out before he kicks the bucket. American Cowboy editors canvassed dyed-in-the-wool Westerners for their favorite travel destinations and activities.

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    What NOT to Wear at Your Dude Ranch Vacation

    Over the years everyone has told you what TO wear on your dude ranch vacation, but has anyone ever told you what NOT to wear? With first-hand experience, Top50 Ranches is here to alert you of What NOT to Wear on your dude ranch vacation.

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    Tips for Happier Trail Rides

    Fall is the perfect season for leaving the arena behind and heading for the trails. Before you go, review our list of tips and tactics to make each outing as safe and enjoyable as possible. From EQUUS magazine