Life With Horses

Being a "horse person" has different meanings for each of us, but we all share a desire to stay attuned to the world of horses.

Prepare For The Ride

Video: Hawaii Horseback Riding and Cowboy History

Video: Hawaii Horseback Riding and Cowboy History

Learn about Big Island horseback riding and the history of cattle drives and paniolos, Hawaiian cowboys, with Emmy-winning Equitrekking. Explore Parker Ranch and Kahua Ranch in Waimea. Learn more about great dude ranches, guest ranches, cattle drives and horse riding holidays. ... MORE
Spook Proof Your Horse

Spook Proof Your Horse

You and your horse may have some obstacles to overcome before you hit the trail this year. From the AQHA America's Horse Daily. ... MORE
Video: Switch to Western Riding for Your Next Vacation

Video: Switch to Western Riding for Your Next Vacation

Taking a dude ranch vacation? Learn about Western riding and hear a beginner's take on what it's like to ride Western. ... MORE

What NOT to Wear at Your Dude Ranch Vacation

Over the years everyone has told you what TO wear on your dude ranch vacation, but has anyone ever told you what NOT to wear? With first-hand experience, Top50 Ranches is here to alert you of What NOT to Wear on your dude ranch vacation. ... MORE
Winter riding

Winter Riding Tips

Darley Newman of and gives some great advice on getting ready for a winter ride. ... MORE
Trail riding. Courtesy Horse & Rider

Tips for Happier Trail Rides

Fall is the perfect season for leaving the arena behind and heading for the trails. Before you go, review our list of tips and tactics to make each outing as safe and enjoyable as possible. From EQUUS magazine ... MORE

Fall: The Best Trail Season

October in Montana: The summer heat has been put to sleep, the insects have been quelled by nightly frosts, and the woods are aflame with color. For those of us who ride in the northern Rockies, fall means brilliant yellow aspens threading groves of dark spruce. ... MORE

Video: Ranch Vacation Packing Tips

Get tips on packing for your ranch vacation from equestrian travel expert Darley Newman, who's visited ranches in Alberta, Hawaii, Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, Uruguay, Quebec and beyond. Learn more about Equitrekking and ranch vacations at and ... MORE

Riding Vacation Options

Darley Newman of explains how to research different options for your next riding vacation. ... MORE

Pairing Up with the Right Horse

Horses have different personalities, skills and physiques, just like people.'s Darley Newman tells you how to choose the right match for your trail ride or riding vacation. ... MORE

Dream Rides: Horse Vacations

Your dream vacation could be a cattle drive, following the outlaw trail of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or a stay at a dude ranch. Or it could be learning to jump fences in the Caribbean. Or an inn-to-inn ride in Europe. The possibilities are endless, and there are rides to fit every budget. ... MORE

Planning a Holiday on Horseback

So you'd like to trek across some foreign land, or round up cattle on a dude ranch? Here's what to expect when you vacation on horseback. From the editors of EQUUS magazine. ... MORE
Equitrekking on the Big Island

Great Tips for a Better Riding Vacation

Will your riding getaway be the best or a bust? Get practical advice from someone who's been there. ... MORE

Riding Vacation Preparation

If you plan to go on a riding vacation with your horse, first narrow your site selections to the top 10. Then ask questions to determine whether the place is right for you. Written by Sushil Dulai Wenholz for Horse & Rider magazine. ... MORE

Equitrekking Packing Tips

Wherever you’re headed to ride, here are some items that will make the trip more comfortable. Packing tips by Darley Newman of ... MORE